How does commission work?

Pretty simple. Whenever a lead that we brought you converts, you pay us a small percentage of the sale value.

do I qualify for commission advertising?

You’ll qualify to partner with us if you aren’t a startup company (your business model must be proven to work) and if the products or services you’d like to advertise have a minimum sales value of £3,000.

are leads exclusive to my business?

Absolutely. Other agencies usually have a generic landing page for certain industries where they’ll collect leads and sell them to multiple companies within that niche. We guarantee that every single lead is exclusive to you as we build your website from the ground up, completely custom-made for you.

who pays the ad budget?

You do. We could pay for the ad budget, but we’d have to ask for a higher commission percentage and it would cost you more in the long term. We recommend having at least £800 p/cm available for ad budget.

how long until we start seeing results?

It will take us a few weeks to get everything set up properly e.g. advertising strategy, website build and account access. But once we’ve done that, we should start to see the leads steadily coming in almost immediately.

what if you don't get any results?

Simple, you don’t have to pay us anything.

how do you reduce risk?

Retainer agencies ask you to pay a fee every month, whether they perform or not and pay per lead agencies ask for money upfront. We take away your risk by only taking a cut of the revenue we bring in and we foot all of the set-up costs and time spent building.

What if i've already got a website?

We can almost guarantee that the website we build for you will be higher quality, faster and more focused on converting. On average our conversion rates are 7.2x higher than our client’s original websites. But don’t worry, we’ll always keep a backup of your original website just in case.